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Benko , as a manufacturer of office furniture in Iran, renders the best and most suitable designs by an experienced team in interior designing


Benko , as a manufacturer of office furniture in Iran, makes everything you want from MDF with the most advanced industrial machinary

Installation and execution

: Benko , as a manufacturer of office furniture in Iran, executes all projects by experienced staff


Benko , as a manufacturer of office furniture in Iran, supervises all projects concerning decoration, interior designing and office furniture

Office furniture and office partitions of Mammut Industrial Company

Office furniture of Mammut Industrial Company

Mammut khodro is a forerunner in manufacturing products such as containers and conexes. Among many companies, Benko office furniture company is chosen to design the space and furnish the central office of Mammut with its products.

Designing the office space for Mammut, Benko has furnished it with its products such as office partition, office desk, filing cabinet, executive libraray, secretarial counter, office desk stations, etc.

Designing and furnishing Sepah bank brokerage company

office furniture

Office furniture of Sepah

Interior designing of this complex in a space of 700 m^2 in three floors is conducted by Benko office furniture company. Manufacturing office furniture for this complex is conducted in 30 working days.

Why Benko?

Benko office furniture company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installing your favourite office furniture according to the dimensions of office space.

Benko productions

executive desk, office desk, conference table, secretarial counter, filing cabinet, office partition, MDF wallcover, double glazed office partition, etc

Office furniture and store furniture of MG company

Designing office space and office furniture of MG office

Benko office furniture company with a lot of experince in designing and manufacturing office furniture in Iran, has done the following services for MG office: Designing the central office and showroom, interior designing for commercial spaces, providing washable partition, manufacturing executive desk, office desk , MDF double glazed partition, secretarial counter, MDF cabinet, filing cabinet, MDF wallcover, sliding filing drawer, conference table, executive table, executive libraray, filing cabinet, executive desk, office desk, etc.

Benko office furniture and interior designing

With 15 years experience in creating lovely and beautiful environment customized to customers’ taste.

office chair

Office chairs and sofas of Nilper

Benko as a manufacturer of office furniture in Iran has the advantage of having Nilper representative in the North of Tehran, the capital of Iran, with special showroom. Nilper is the exclusive manufacturer of chairs which produces many pre-assembled parts inside the company. The key purpose of this great investment is promoting the quality of products, enhancing the potential of designing and diminishing the final price in order to provide further satisfaction for customers.


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